WELCOME to the official website for Lisburn City Swimming Club.

We are a voluntary organisation based in Lisburn and run by an excellent team of professional Coaching Staff and voluntary parents. We have a wide range of activities available for all swimming abilities from Learn to Swim, Diving, Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming to Competitive Swimming at local and International level and a rapidly growing Masters section. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and find all the information you need. Use the Search facility to find particular documents. Sign up your email address in the field below to keep up-to-date with the latest news. An email will be sent automatically each time the home page is updated. Remember to keep checking all the pages of the website for calender, results and competition info. Enjoy browsing.

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Join us at Clip n Climb!

Clip n Climb Dundonald.

24th September 2014

clip n climb

Tickets available for the sessions below.

5:30pm-7pm     6.30pm-8pm     7.30pm-9pm

Challenge yourself, challenge your friends at Northern Ireland’s first Clip ‘n Climb.  A stunning series of climbing based activities that provide healthy, challenging fun for everyone. 

For tickets contact email naomi.j@hotmail.co.uk

or Mandy McKeown at the swim shop



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Team Manager and Safeguarding Children Workshops September 2014

Anyone helping with kids activities in the club needs to have attended a Safeguarding course. This includes squad reps and those helping at squad team building events (not necessarily swimming).

When swimmers travel to an “away competition” with any overnight stay, they need a minimum of two adults to act as Team Managers if they are travelling as a team. Swimmer gain a lot by travelling and staying as a team but without qualified volunteers we have been unable to offer this for the past season. It would be great if more parents could come forward to help as it shares the role and it is great fun. You need NO swimming knowledge.

More information can be obtained by speaking to one of the committee or the Club Children’s Officer. You will also find information on Swim Ireland website

Swim Ulster are holding workshops on

14th September Team Manager Queens PEC 2.30-5.30 pm £30

21st September Safeguarding Workshop Queens PEC 2.30-5.30 pm £15

Swim Ulster Direct Line: 02891877579 email: ruth@swimulster.net

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Lisburn City Masters Swimming now on Facebook

Masters swimming is due to start back Tuesday 26th August – 8.15-9.15pm

Check out their new Facebook page by following the link below 


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Swim Tour 2014 event Bangor Aurora 20th September 2014

To club swimmers of all ages and abilities,

We have been invited to attend a special event being held by Speedo in Belfast. It is being held at Bangor Aurora Leisure Complex, Belfast, on Saturday 20th Septmber 2014. The event is a training session style event that lasts for 2 hours (11am-1pm OR 2pm-4pm).

The session will be led by 2 Olympic Swimmers. They’ll also be loads of Speedo Coaches on poolside to help out and Speedo provide all the equipment and training aids to be used on the day so all you will need is yourself, a towel, and your swimming attire.

The event is called The Swim Tour 2014. It is sponsored by Speedo and Decathlon. The event is free although it is asked that all participants sign up for a Decathlon Loyalty Card which is also free to do and must be done before securing your place – this can be done online and only takes a minute to do!

During the session, your child will get to meet the Olympians, who are keen to share their knowledge and inspire the next generation. Along with some Speedo friends, the Olympians will lead a session of how your child can be a stronger, faster, better swimmer. They will use the Speedo equipment to assist in technical efficiencies and ways that will help you as a swimmer develop into a more efficient swimmer.

As a club swimmer, you are welcome to attend either session but please state which session on reply to Ryan Lovatt, the event organiser. He will need a few details from yourself in order to secure your place on the event. There are only limited spaces available and it will be a first come, first served basis.

Please can you fill in the following to secure your place and email Ryan Lovatt back directly- (His email is Ryan.Lovatt@totalswimming.co.uk


Name of Parent:

Email address:

Contact number:


Session time:

Childs name taking part:

Member of: (insert club name)

Childs D.O.B:

Decathlon card number:

If you do not have a card number already, you can quickly get one here and then copy and paste your number: http://www.mydecathlon.com/mydecathlon.html?ppays=GB&langue=EN#nomPage=defaut


Please be aware that photography may be taken on the day for promotional purposes and by giving your details to attend the event, you are happy for photography to take place on the event. If you do not provide a valid Decathlon card number then unfortunately the system will not let me book your place on the event. The card works as a rewards card so you earn points for when you spend money in store. Your information will not be shared with any other business or organisation.

There are limited places available and replies will be worked on a first come, first served basis. You will be informed of confirmation of your place.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Ryan in person.

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New season Swim Club Calendar

Below is the first version of the new club calendar.

It is subject to change pending finalisation of dates with Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland

LCSC Meet Calendar 2014-2015

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Irish Age Group Division 1, Youth and Summer Open

Congratulations to all those swimmers who competed last month at Dublin, NAC. For most it was their last meet of the season and an opportunity to improve times or make a podium.

There were many great swims and a large medal haul as well as numerous club records.

Don’t forget to check the records section of the website to see if your swimmer might have broken a record. A few pics below and the rest are on facebook.

Click on the link below to the results

iag and summer open 2014 results

photoIAG 2014 054 RSCN1227

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Revised training times to swimmers & parents up to 31st July

Changes made by the Leisureplex as a result of summer scheme activities taking priority over swimming club times.

Tue 22nd July 17:00-18:45
Tue 29th July 17:00-18:45 (6 lanes)

Thu 17th July 17:00-18:45
Thu 24th July 17:00-18:45 (6 lanes)

Thu 31st July 17:00-18:45

We have also had the first 15mins cut on the first Tuesday back on 26th August so training time will start for Dev Squad 2, Dev Squad 1 & NSQ at 5:00pm & not 4:45pm. Club training time will finish at 8:15pm. Masters Squad session therefore will not take place from 8:15-9:15pm on 26th August.

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Swim Ireland Irish Age Group Championships and Summer Open

Competition started today at the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin.

Over 900 swimmers from more than 100 clubs will compete in the biggest Championships Swim Ireland has ever run with 3,762 Individual and 151 Relay swims taking place over the five days.

Teams from South Africa, Singapore, Oman, Dubai, Italy, England, Scotland and from all over Ireland will be descending on Dublin in the coming days to race.

Lisburn has more than 30 individual swimmers who have qualified for the meet which is a fantastic achievement in itself.

Follow their progress on Meet Mobile app or copy the link below into your web browser



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If you knew that you couldn’t fail with your swimming, what sort of things would you attempt?

This question isn’t meant to be rhetorical. Considering it you might perhaps feel a little uncomfortable, realizing that there is something very real and very intimidating standing between you and feeling like you could fearlessly chase down your swimming goals.

That barrier, that resistance, for most swimmers is the fear of failure. It’s the crippling doubts in our mind that keeps our imagination and our abilities stuck in the mud. It’s the voice that whispers that chasing our goals is risky, that we might not be able to handle coming up short, that all that lies ahead is crushed dreams and humiliation. Yeah, that.

Here are just some of the ways that fear of failure rears its ugly mug:

You’re afraid to choke or not perform best when it counts the most. Worried that your peers, your coach, and your family will disapprove, or think negatively of you. Stress over making a mistake. Unwillingness to take risks to improve. Scared that we will put it all on the line and still not achieve our goals. Hesitancy and procrastination in making a step forward.

Our fears are a typical and completely natural reaction to the unknown. They are like the insurance agents for our physical and mental states. It’s just that they are very often exceptionally risk-averse, often paralyzingly so. In the rush to keep us safe, they also limit us from seeing what we are capable of by infusing us with doubt and procrastination.

Here are a few ways (8 to be a little more numerical) to pull the shirt over the head of this particular fear and punch it in the kisser:

1. Expect to fail on occasion.

Yup, you read that right. No matter how well we plan out our swimming goals there will be times where we come up short. It will be infuriating, yes, but going through life with zero struggle, achieving hilarious levels of success at every turn just isn’t in the cards.

And that is okay.

Every swimmer on top of the podium had moments of serious strife and struggle on their own respective path, so understand that you’re going to get your fair share of it as well.

2. View your swimming as a series of experiments.

Some things will work, some things won’t. With each success you learn and discover the things that work, and when things don’t go the way you want them to you should similarly be able to draw reasons things didn’t go as planned. The combination of positive and negative experiences should provide you a running list of what brings you success, and what does not.

3. The pain of struggle will always be lighter than the sting of regret.

In life we are given the option between two types of discomfort – one of discipline, and the other being regret. The latter will always sting more than the former. No matter how scary the work in front of you is, it’s nothing compared to the dull ache of regret in your belly you will feel years from now from not taking advantage of the opportunity before you.

4. You’re tougher than you give yourself credit for.

If you fully commit to your goals, completely train your posterior off, and then come up short at the big meet, how long would it take for you to get over this disappointment? According to our fear of failure, ìForever and ever and ever.î But that is not what your own personal experience says, is it?

Think back to the last big setback you had with your swimming. That time you completely and utterly destroyed the bed. How long did it take for you to bounce back from that? Probably not that long. Once you realize that failure isn’t a game-ender, isn’t fatal, than your comfort levels with it rises, and with it your capacity to act.

5. Set positive goals.

Setting negative goals – don’t get disqualified, don’t swim slower than my best time – will keep you focused on the wrong aspects of your performance. Instead, strive to focus on what you do want to have happen, the things you want to achieve. Negative goals are difficult to work with (and stinky) because they are emotionally and mentally unattractive, keeping your energy dialed in specifically on poor outcomes.

6. Limit your critics.

We have enough garbage flying our heads – our insecurities, fears, and so on – to have someone chime in with a ìOh, that’ll never workî followed by a ìsee, told ya soî the moment that progress is slightly unhinged. From parents, to teammates, to even coaches, being told that we cannot do something just feeds into that fear of failure.

The last thing we want to do is come up short and prove them right, so why bother doing anything at all, right? Screw that. While you may not be able to rid your life of all of the naysayers, sit down with the ones that aren’t going anywhere and let them know what kind of impact their negativity is having on those around them.

7. That fear will always be with you.

Recognizing your fears are the first step. Not because you want to get rid of them — they aren’t going anywhere — but so that you can parse them when they do make an appearance. And they will continue to do so, consistently and stubbornly. While you may not be able to completely lick them, once you understand how they work, you can successfully manage it and make its voice ever smaller.

8. The ultimate way to throat-slam fear is via action.

Action builds results, and results trump anything your fears can dream up. The action doesn’t have to be ground-breaking, world-spinning magnitude. Something simple, something easy that shows that fear that it quite frankly doesn’t know what it is talking about.

Each time you feel yourself starting to get caught in the quicksand of fear, act. Do something, anything, to unchain yourself and keep you moving forward.

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Irish Age Group Division 1 Relay Team selection

Congratulations to those selected for relay teams.

Please note that changes may be made at the Head Coach’s discretion, depending on performances leading up to and during the meet (individual or relay).

Session 2:  15 & U Boys 4×100 FTR

C.Loan, N.Jennings, C.Boyce, K.Logan  (Res. A.Haskins)

Session 4:  14 & U Girls 4×100 FTR

V.Hunter, L.Walker, S.Mc Cracken, L.Bethel

Session 6:  14 & U Girls 4×100 MTR

C.Quinn, S.Mc Cracken, V.Hunter, L.Walker  (Res. L.Bethel)

Session 8:  15 & U Boys 4×100 MTR

N.Jennings, A.Haskins, K.Logan, C.Boyce  (Reserves C.Loan, J.Edgar)

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