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Division 2 Sunday Afternoon

Ladies first in the 200 IM. Isobel produced a great swim much improved on her heat to finish sixth right on top of her PB from the heat. Emily brought it tonight ‘big style’ dropping another 2 seconds from her heat swim to win her third bronze and second of the day. Fantastic swim and massively committed on the free leg to take that 3rd place.

Next up are our last two finalists. Bryn first in the 13 yr old final. Claiming 5th place with another 4.6 second drop from his heat swim and 16 seconds of improvement on his entry time on the day. Sam finished LCSC’s Div 2 meet 2019 in ‘blinging’ style bringing home the silver medal in the 14 yr old age group. Tremendous swims from both boys.

Quickly to say that LCSC have had a fantastic meet winning 11 medals over 60 PBS and more than 20 top 10 performances so much improvement on skills and technique this season which have allowed this to happen. Massive, huge thanks to all the parents who supported their athletes this weekend. At he pool and elsewhere. Can’t do this with out you. Will do full summary tomorrow. DIV 2 2019 done and done bring on Summer Nationals

Irish National Division 2 – Sunday

Final day of action here in Limerick. Boys 200 IM kicked off the session with Alfie and Byrn swimming well in their races, and Patrick taking off 3 seconds from his PB to make the 15 yr old final in 2nd place.

Chrissy was next in the 200 Brs chopping an amazing 6 seconds off her PB to make the 11/12 yr old final in 4th place. Finishing off the morning heats was Zoe and Grace in the HDW 800 free. Grace saved her best race for last and swam a super 32 lengths. Zoe completed her race and dropped 27 seconds off her entry time to take the silver medal

Patrick in the 200 IM dropped another 1.2 seconds off his heat swim to come in 7th place in the 15 yr old final to finish off a fantastic meet for him. The girls 200 brs made Chrissy produce her best swim of the meet to take a further two seconds off her heat time to record 5th place in the final.

The 11-14 Mixed Team Medley (HDW) finished off this the penultimate finals session. A new event for all the swimmers at this level, providing plenty of excitement and fun racing too.

We had two teams in this event, first up where the team off Chrissy, Bryn, Alexi and Annie who swam to 20th place. Then in the next heat the team of Isobel, Sam, Emily and Alfie stormed to 3rd place.

Awesome fun

Irish National Divison 2 Championships – Saturday

Saturday morning heats session;

Just the girls down for the heats this morning. First in racing was Isobel and Zoe with two very good swims both girls recorded nine second PBs. With Zoe advancing to the 16/over final in 9th place. Next was the 50 FS Isobel taking on her second event of the session recording a good 1.5 second PB, Emily moved into the 11/12 yr old final with a fast swim lying in 6th place.

Last swim of the morning heats was Grace recording a great time only .02 off her PB. Finals from Saturday morning; Zoe executed a good race to finish in 10th place in the 200 BC. The 50 FS was next and Emily backed up her heat swim with a great PB and moved up to the 4th place position in the final. Last swim of the session was the boys 4×50 MTR. The LCSC team of Alfie, Bryn, Alexi and Sam swam a superb race to finish 5th against 15 other boys teams. Brilliant effort.

Saturday afternoon heats; Boys up first in this session Patrick got LCSC off to a great start with fantastic PB swim in the 200 back 4 second drop and 2nd in to the 15 yr old final. Holly was next in the 100 fly and stormed to a fast time and huge SC PB of 8 seconds to qualify 6th for the 11-12 yr old final. Next was the turn of the speedy boys. With Alfie and James both dropping over a second off their PBs and in to the finals lying 2nd and 6th respectively. 4 heat swims 4 finals 4 PBs. Last up in the session was the girls 400 free ladies which is a heat declared winner (HDW) event. Meaning their heat swim is effectively their final. Isobel produced a great swim to take 17 seconds off her PB for 9th place. Emily and Grace swimming in the same heat had two fantastic swims. Grace breaking 5 mins and Emily achieving the silver Medal in the 11/12 yr old group. Zoe finished off the session heats with her 400 race achieving a 9 second PB and 4th place on the 16/over age group.

Saturday’s afternoon finals sessions. ***SUPER SATURDAY*** First up in the 15 yr olds was Patrick in the 200 back dropping over 3 seconds from his heat swim for an 8 second PB on the day to take home the silver medal

Next up in finals action was Holly in the 11/12 yr old 100 fly. Holly swam a better race in her final than her heat swim to take 10th place. The speedy boys followed. In the 11/12 yr old final Alfie stormed to a super silver medal

and another PB going 30 for the first time ever. In the 15 yr old age group James M smashed his PB for the second time going under 28 seconds for the first after breaking 29 for the first time in the heats. Finishing off *** SUPER SATURDAY *** was the girls 4×50 MTR of Isobel, Chrissy, Emily and Holly swimming to 10th place out of 26 teams.

Awesome !!

Division 2 Day 1

Friday afternoon and evening session.

The boys 100 free kicked off the racing, with James swimming to a super PB and Alfie PB’ing in his heat and making the evening finals. Girls turn next in the 100 breast. We had a clean sweep of PB’s from all the girls. Well done to Annie, Emily, Chrissy and Grace. Chrissy ended up 1st reserve for the final.

Finals session, Alfie was competing in the 11/12 yr old final and swam to a brilliant bronze medal taking more time off from his heat swim dropping over 4 second on the day. Last up was the girls 11-14 FTR the team of Isobel, Holly, Annie and Emily all produced great fast swimming gaining valuable experience for the future.

Day 2 Done #halfwaythere

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