Lisburn SC Records Tumble at Irish Short Course 2018 from our Senior Swimmers -December 2018

Fantastic to see all of these records broken Рa great credit to all those who have achieved them, and a reflection of all the hard work put in.
(Betty Beattie)

Congratulations to:

Jamie A (D-Group) who chipped 0.1 second off N McGrann’s record to set a new 50m Backstroke record of 27.20s.

Daniel W (D-Group) who smashed 6 seconds off his own record to set a new 1500m Freestyle record of 15:35.38.

Nathan W (D-Group) who knocked 0.8s off his own record from November 2017 to set a new club record for the 200m Backstroke of 2:06.19 in the heats, and then proceeded to break the record again in the finals with a time of 2:05.23.

Daniel W (D-Group) who smashed 2 seconds off his own record to set a new 800m Freestyle record of 8:10.58, also setting a new Ulster Junior Record and Ulster Senior Record.

Nathan W (D-Group) who chipped 0.4 seconds off J Allison’s record from Feb 2018 to set a new club record time for the 200m Butterfly of 2:09.12.

Daniel W (D-Group) who chipped another 0.4 seconds off the newly set record in the next heat for 200m Butterfly to set a new club record time of 2:08.64.

Jamie A, Sarah McC, Andrea C and Daniel W smashed 2 seconds off the 4 x 50 m Mixed Medley Relay record originally held by N Wiffen, S McCracken, N Jennings and N Pollock to set a new record time 1:55.67

Jamie A, Paul C, Odhran M and Daniel W smashed 3 seconds off the old club record for the 4 x 50m Mens Medley Relay, originally held by M Williamson, D McIlroy, N McGrann and D Simpson to set a new record time of 1:46.44 . The team broke the Irish Record in the heat, only to have it taken from them in the next heat. The team then proceeded the break the club record again in the final with a new club record time of 1:45.51

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