Canet-en-Roussilion – Day 1 from Nathan W

Hey Guys,

We have arrived in Canet-en-Roussillion. 

We were greeted outside the airport, where the meet organisers had sent a taxi with the meet logos on it. They were also holding a sign with the GB flag and Lisburn under it.  Then we travelled for an hour and a half to the hotel and where we went straight to our rooms to look around; the most exciting thing was the view as the electric blind went up. Amazing! 

We then went to the pool where we got changed, and we put on a lot of sun cream as it was roasting.

Then we jumped in to see the cleanest pool I have ever been in.  It was a struggle doing the main set as I was doing backstroke and it was very hard to stay to one side of the lane with no roof to line up with.  After training I came out with cuts on my back from the lane ropes, but I was fine.  

Then our set was over by 4pm, the American team arrived and we went back to the hotel, and then went to the beach. Then we went on a hunt for ice-cream where we were severely over charged by a tight ice-cream man. Who, when you asked for a scoop, he gave you half, it must have been a language barrier or something? Then we ended the night with dinner and table tennis. What a day! Can’t wait for the next.

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