Canet-en-Roussilion – Day 2 from Andrea C

Hi Guys

Went down for breakfast, the day didn’t start too well for Martin.  He was 30 seconds late, and the Wiffen’s had already stolen all the croissants and choc-au-pain!  The Team Manager tried to get some more, but the owner said we had had our allocation for the day.

Unfortunately there were no busses today so we had to walk the 2.8km to the pool as a group, we wondered where Martin had gone, he arrived at the pool before us having blagged a lift from some locals.

On the walk back we stopped at the supermarket, martin got a hat and we shared 10 ice-creams.

Lunch was chicken curry and rice, and then back to the pool for more training – but we had a lift this time.  I beat Paul – again – no surprise there!  He is now my “special helper”.  Paul managed to ask the driver to show us where the bus stop was on the way back.  All those hours revising French worked really well (google translate)

Went to the beach and got another ice-cream. Better value this time, Nathan didn’t winge!

Fantastic dinner tonight – chicken nuggets and chips followed by guess what – more ice-cream.  We think Canet is the ice-cream capital of France!!

More games tonight – Martin’s table tennis has improved.

More from Paul tomorrow…

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