Mare Nostrum Canet-en-Roussillion – Day 3 from Paul C

Hi guys,

This morning started off better, with Martin Coming down to breakfast early enough to get his croissant. As for everybody else, we were happy because we were given extra pain au chocolats for breakfast.

After breakfast, when packing our kit for the morning’s session, Nathan went to pack his trunks only to find that they had been carried away by the wind off the balcony onto the roof below. The team manager informed the hotel staff and they rescued the trunks while we were away.

Upon arrival at the pool, things were beginning to look more like a competition: the shop was setup, carpets were laid around the pool and the train tracks for the camera were built. Since it was the day before the race, there were more teams and people starting to warm up. We got the official Mare Nostrum tattoos along with the accreditation.

Training ended soon enough and we got the minibus back to the hotel. Martin struggled to close the door so I decided to help, grabbing the handle to assist him and surprisingly, the handle appeared in my hand… “I think we’ll just slip that under the seat,” I said…

After lunch, the gang took a stroll along the beach – without Andrea. We walked along the hot sand, hoping to come across an ice-cream shop and we completed the mission by finding the best ice-cream yet. After measuring our heights in ice-cream we discovered that I was 34 scoops tall! I got a scoop of nutella and a scoop of snickers for which I made sure to leave a five star review.

We headed back to the pool later for a quick paddle and after this, we went shopping. I got a cap and a t-shirt. On the way back, we took the bus again where we met Joe Litchfield and Abbie Wood, who are both at Loughborough and swim for GB.

We got a photo with them on the bus, just as it pulled up outside the hotel and then headed inside for some dinner!

More from Daniel on the first race day tomorrow.

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