Mare Nostrum Day 5 – Head Coach Martin J McGann

Thankfully today, the sun came out to play, which made the conditions much more pleasant to coach in, and also meant the racing was much faster than yesterday.

I sent the twins round to confuse the international swimmers whilst collecting autographs, they thought they were seeing double.

Lots of new friends were made, from Chile, America, Cuba, Portugal and the south side of Dublin.

Andrea and Rachel learned a new way of greeting people from the passionate South Americans.  We have also learned a new side to Andrea – Sassy!!

Lots of lessons were learned on how tough the racing can be and what steps need to be taken going forward.

Our T-shirts were a big hit, people especially focussing on the drawing on the back – Thanks Sharon!

New flavours of ice cream were consumed, at Paul’s favourite place – Kinder, Nutella, cookies, Salted Caramel.

Martin’s table tennis skills are failing, he was just beaten by Paul 11-7, Daniel 11-9, Nathan 11-8.

Two years ago we had two qualifiers, this year we had five qualifiers, one could not make it due to exams.  How many more would step up and qualify?

Thanks to the four swimmers for behaving, and their parents allowing them to experience a unique perspective on racing. 

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