Lisburn Score Big in Final AquaSprint Meet of Season

Larne Leisure Centre hosted our last AS meet of this season against Coleraine and Limavady on Friday evening the 7th June.

Lisburn City SC where in fine form and huge voice right from arriving at the pool. Wigs, horns, balloons, pompoms helped to create an amazing atmosphere throughout the entire evening, it was a sea of red and black on deck. Definitely need the supporters in the gallery all dressed up next time too.

The swimmers although nervous performed their best work of the season, from the first race to the last every single swimmer showed off their skills they have worked so hard to master and progress this season. From our first meet way back in January the teams skills have improved hugely and the results they have achieved show this.

A three way final is always a little different and never that easy to see which team may be sneaking ahead on the points. Every lane counts and every swim matters with each team only allowed 2 lanes, it all adds to the excitement, expectation and pressure in the races. This is a great experience for the swimmers and one we attempt to involve as many of our AS squad as possible on the night. Every swimmer this season has contributed to the AS squad and the progress it has made, to establish this platform, from which to now build upon and the coaches are so proud of each and every athlete.

On the night Lisburn out sung everyone whilst taking 5 of the 8 relays and seeing out some very tight touches in the individual events we secured and consolidated our position of 4th place in Division 1 by winning the ‘B’ final. Fantastic result for this season.

Huge and massive thanks to our volunteers on Friday night and throughout the season, without you we cannot run these events and your help and support is very much appreciated by the entire coaching team. So if you performed, time keeping, finish judge, starter, announcer, desk official, team/lane helper and/or general/chief cheer leader (little Miss Hall), thank you so very much and if you didn’t please feel free to assist next season, its great way to get involved with the club and you do get a super view of the action.

To our amazing ‘D’ group swimmers who took part in their final AS meet, a big well done to all. This entire season you have shown the younger groups what this competition is all about ……… FUN!!!! As you come to the end of 4+ years (for most) of AS competition you

have lead by example both in the water and on deck, in training and competition. Your journey in AS is now at an end but for the journey to come in competitive swimming you will be so much better prepared for having experienced competing in AquaSprints for Lisburn City SC. Lisburn’s ‘D’ Group (2007) swimmers for 2019, please take a bow;

Emily C (Captain)
Holly R (Captain)
Alfie S (Captain)
Finlay S (Captain)
Niamh H
Tom K
Isobel L
Lewis F
Kaitlin M
Adam S
Chrissy H
Daniel G
Yzabelle P
Andrew F
Annie P

To the coaches who have worked tirelessly all season to help, guide and enable the swimmers to achieve what they have done this season, thank you. Coaches set the tone for a club and the swimmers reflect that tone with their work and dedication on and in the pool. The coaches have certainly set the right tone and the swimmers performances throughout the season our an example of how hard they and you have worked, whilst having a huge amount of fun on the process.

Finally finally, these meets in the AquaSprint league do not happen without a lot of planning and preparation in the background, that no one really sees. Swimmers turn up at a given time, race, have a seriously fun time, get fed and then it’s time to go. Behind all that is a lot of emails, WhatApps and conversations to ensure that swimmers have the best possible experience. Kelly Robson has been that tinker in the shadows ensuring that we all know what to do and when to do it. Kelly has been the AS squad rep for 3+ seasons and helped to ensure the continued success of the programme and to implement the changes we have made over the last 2 seasons that has enhanced the AS event. As Kelly hands over the baton, to Jen Hopkins, a big, huge, massive well done and very heart felt thank you to you and all that you have done for this Squad. YOU WEE STAR!!!!!!!!!!

AquaSprint 2019 DONE, bring on 2020!!!!!!!!!

Playoff final scores;
Lisburn City SC – 324
Coleraine ASC – 270
Limavady ASC – 246

Full results to follow once finalised.

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