#WePlay Inspiring Girls in Sport Conference, Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at National Sports Campus Dublin

The #WePlay Inspiring Girls in Sport Conference will take place on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at National Sports Campus Dublin. 

This conference is one that will benefit girls of all ages involved in any sport, it will look at common issues that females are facing in sport today.

The theme of the conference is “Proud To Be Me” focusing on getting the most out of your sport and being confident in your body while doing so. The day involves a mix of panel discussions with sporting experts and elite athletes, as well as keynote speeches. Panel discussions such as “Balancing Life as an Athlete”, “In The Face of Adversity” & “The Un-Comfort Zone” will be discussed. A broad range of sports will be represented with athletes such as Jenny Eagan (Canoeing), Nicole Drought (Motor Car Racing), Caradh O’Donovan (Karate), Roisin Baker (Water Polo & Dublin Camogie), Laura Twomey (Dublin Camogie & 20×20 Ambassador), Chloe Magee (Badminton), Mona McSharry (Swimming), Nina Carberry (Horse Racing) and Eve McCrystal (Cycling) in attendance to give their individual perspectives.

The schedule is attached, but further info/tickets can be found here.

We hope to arrange a bus that will leave Aurora at approximately 7.15am and pick up at Sprucefield and Banbridge on the journey down.  In order to gauge the number of athletes needing the bus please email admin@swimulster.net by Wednesday 19th June 2019 with the number of seats on the bus you would need.

Many Thanks,

Bethany Carson
Women in Sport Development Officer

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