Daniel’s Blog From Kazan -Day 1:

The first day was travel day where we all met in Dublin at 8.30pm. After catching up with everyone, we proceeded to check in where we ran into a couple problems that were resolved very quickly by the team manager. I was quite worried at the desk as my luggage was 1.6kg over but the woman didn’t mind.

At the check in desk we found out that our flight was also delayed by 45 mins, which was bad news as we had to wait a total of 3 and half hours till our flight. So we all took our time and went through security at the airport and what do you know, me and my bag both got searched which is always quite eventful, but its turns out it was just a random search – there was nothing wrong.

After security we walked through the airport and since it was quite late all the shops were closed so we just sat down and got water from the vending machines and chilled. Since we still had a little while till the flight me and Sean Scannell watched love island to make sure we didn’t miss out on what is happening and then we started to board on to the plane. The Russian airlines workers were nice and welcoming and the plane was basically like an Easjet flight. I sat beside John Szaraznek and tried to get some sleep so that I would be rested for tomorrow.
Tune in tomorrow to read what I do tomorrow when I arrive in Russia.

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