Daniel’s Blog from Kazan Day 2:

We finally got off the flight from Dublin and got into Moscow airport where we had no idea where to go as we couldn’t read the russian flight boards. Eventually we were pointed into the right direction and we sat down. As it was 5 am we were all hungry and went to get something to eat. Me and Eoin Corby found an Italian restaurant and ordered food which was quite hard to do as the waiters couldn’t speak English. After we ordered everyone found us and they wanted to get it as well. So we had a lot of pizza.

After eating James Knox our Strength and Conditioning coach took us for a recovery foam rolling session where we loosed out and gathered a crowd of people just interested in what we were doing. 
After this we headed toward our gate and waited. Everyone was worried as Sean Mc Nicholl hadn’t arrived from Dubai yet to join us. So Andy Reid and the Team manager Norma ran down to get him. When he turned up just as we were about to board, we were told that his suitcase didn’t turn up, this was very bad. 
We all eventually got onto the flight and we all spread across the plane so a woman beside me swapped with Eoin and we sat beside each other and slept the whole flight. Eoin however was woken up by the air hostess giving him a stale bread roll haha. After we got off the plane we went to get our bags. My bag was one of the first off which was good however we already knew Sean McNicholl’s suitcase wasn’t going to arrive but Eoin’s and Uiseann Cooke’s didn’t arrive either, so the team manager asked the information office and they said they would look into it. 
We all then got into a bus to head to the hotel which was about 30 minutes away. The weather wasn’t very good as it was pouring it down with rain. After 30mins we arrived at the hotel it was so cool. 
In the reception we found out who we were sharing with and I was sharing with Uiseann Cooke. After this we went down for lunch and they food was not very nice but we had to eat it to stay in good shape for racing. 
After lunch we got a bus to the pool. We arrived and it is they best venue I have ever been to. 
It is so cool and beautiful. We got our accreditation and got changed and went onto pool deck it was magnificent, and it was great as we were the first swimming team to arrive in Kazan, I swam for a bit and loosed out after the flight. After our session we when back to the hotel for dinner and everyone was struggling to keep their eyes open especially Alfie Kelly. Before dinner we went to the supermarket to restock on some food. Dinner was the same as lunch so we just ate it and had a team talk and went straight to bed for a long sleep.

Call in tomorrow for Day 3 of Kazan and to find out if Eoin and Uiseann will get their suitcases back.

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