Daniel’s Blog from Kazan – Day 3:

After 11 hours sleep I got up and showered and went downstairs for a early morning walk which was a great idea to get us ready for the day. After the walk we came back and were weighed and did a readiness test, which again was very useful. Also should mention that Eoin and Uiseann suitcases arrived which was great. 
Then we went to breakfast which was nice enough has they had some nice food (best meal of the day). After breakfast we went up stairs to pack our bags which me and Uiseann had already done so we just chilled for 10 minutes. Then we headed downstairs and Uiseann forgot his fins so I waited for him and when we got to the reception we had to run as the bus was about to leave, however luckily we made it. 
On the bus there was more teams today e.g. france and Denmark. When be arrived we just went straight into the pool and walked in to the changing rooms and then onto poolside. We all did a day land warm up. I was first in as I had a long session. 
After the session, we left and had to wait for taxi’s. I heard that John Szaranek’s taxi driver was crazy and was all over the road. Me and Andy were in a taxi with a representative from LEN so she gave us a little tour of the city which was nice. After this we had lunch and watched the last tonight’s love island. I wasn’t scheduled to swim in the evening but I went for a recovery short swim. So we were just about to leave for the pool and then sean Mc Nicholl suitcase arrived as well so it was great day for him however the wheel on the suitcase was a bit dodgy now. On the way to the pool the same teams were on the bus and when we arrived at the pool and there was some more people training today. I spent a while foam rolling out and then got in for a swim and after this I brought my gopro in to just take some pictures and I got Sean Scannell to take some of me to haha, he was a great photographer. 
After this I had a massage from Niamh the physiotherapist it was great and I felt a million times better. After this me and Emmet Crowley had a Photo competition sadly his photos were way better than mine. Then we went back to the hotel for dinner which was the same as yesterday. When dinner ended we went downstairs and separated into our coaching group, my group coach is John Szaraznek and we just talked about keeping active and eating. After this we went to bed and had another good sleep.

Read to tomorrows blog to find out what we did on our day off.

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