Daniel’s Blog from Kazan Day 4:

Today we woke up at 6.30 and went for our morning walk which was good to see more of the city. After the walk we had breakfast and took the readiness test again. Breakfast was good again I had sausages, omelettes, and pancakes. When breakfast concluded we went back to our rooms and some people went training but most of us stayed. So while they were out Sean Scannell, Eoin, Uiseann and me all sat in a room just talking.

At lunch time we all went a little earlier than yesterday as there were a lot more athletes in the hotel so we needed to get our share of the food. During lunch we couldn’t help notice that Sean Mc Nicholl wasn’t there and this was for a solid 15mins, We finally found him and Norma downstairs waiting for everyone even though we were all at lunch it was very amusingĀ …

After lunch we all decided to go on a open top bus tour of Kazan. It was good as we were all laughing and having fun. Alfie Kelly decided to wave at everyone we passed and to see if they would wave back, to be fair he got a lot of girls waving at him. Eoin loved pointing out all the “banjacked” cars in Russia which was so funny.

I forgot to mention that James the S&C coach was sitting on a row beside himself and some Russian fella came up and said it was his seat which was wierd as there were s loads of sitting, I think the man was trying to be funny but we all just laughed at him. During the bus tour everyone wanted to be in the blog so I took pictures of them in each different site.

After the bus tour ended and we saw all the different Kremlin’s in Kazan everyone was busting for the toilet and we ran to the KFC to use the toilets there. After this we went back to the hotel and chilled till dinner and then had a coaches meeting where we hot our new racing caps, getting kit is always good. I should mention that Alfie and Paddy have some very good impressions.

Also I’d like to say a big thanks to Maurice Quail of Synergy medical who helped me out on my journey to European Juniors and also towards World Juniors in August.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what it’s like to do a hard set in a pool with 50 teams and to see what we got up to, until the competition starts.

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