Message of Thanks From Daniel Wiffen

Daniel entered the World Junior Championships in 31st place for the 1500m freestyle. He came out today as number 18 in the world, with a new Irish Junior and Uster Senior record. The Irish Junior record was 10 years old.

Daniel would firstly like to thank Martin (supported by Dave) who gave up their summer to allow Daniel to compete on the world stage. Without his support, training and expertise Daniel could not have achieved this.

Daniel would also like to thank Lisburn Leisureplex who provided free lane time and also the support of the staff, for him to train after the club had finished.

However, the other most important person for Daniel’s training programme was his twin brother Nathan, who had to convert to freestye training to pace Daniel for 8 weeks. A lot to ask from anyone!

Daniel would also like to thank ABC council, funky trunks, Swim Ulster, Swim Ireland, LCSC and the help of a two very kind supporters. Without all of their assistance it would not have been possble for Daniel to do this.

Thank you for all of your kind wishes and support, especially through social media.

Daniel wishes everyone good luck for the next season.

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