CAN YOU HELP LCSC?? Last Call for Nominations!!

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Members,
Following our previous message,  the Committee wanted to write to you all again to provide further information and clarification on the upcoming AGM, and in particular the process to select new members of the ‘Executive Committee’.
As you may know, it is a requirement that all Swimming Clubs operating under the jurisdiction of Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland must have a Committee in place to oversee the running of the club.  
Whilst there is some flexibility as to the nature of some of the Committee roles, there are a number of roles which must be filled in order for the club to be able to comply with the requirements set out in the  Swim Ireland rule book and the club constitution, to be allowed to continue to operate. 
These ‘Officer’ roles are Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer, and Club Children’s Officer.
The running of our club relies on the support and goodwill of all parents, guardians, and members – be they individuals who join the committee, support squads attending galas, take their slot at poolside to oversee health and safety, or any of the other many ways that support is provided.  
We know that being a parent or guardian to a swimmer in our club requires effort and commitment on all your parts, and we thank you for your continued support.
Some Committee members currently in position will not be seeking reselection at the AGM.  In some cases, this will be for personal reasons, and in others this is because the Swim Ulster and Swim Ireland requirements limit the number of years of continuous service within a particular role.  
This will represent a period of change for the Committee and in turn for the club.
Given the need to replace a number of Committee members, as well as a desire to ensure that the selection process has a number of candidates, we would as a Committee encourage you to consider again as to whether you might feel able to put yourself forward for selection.
We understand that the decision to seek selection can be a daunting one.  This may be because the thought of juggling work and home life does not lend itself necessarily to thinking of taking on other responsibilities.  It might be – as it was for some of those currently on the Committee – that the idea of being on a ‘Committee’ is something completely new, and there may be doubts as to what is required.  Others of you might not wish to be part of a ‘selection process’. 
So, with this in mind, existing members of the Committee can answer any questions or address any concerns that you might have.  Each of us would be delighted to share our experiences and perspectives with you on the requirements of being on the Committee, and how rewarding it is to play this role.  In addition to the ‘main’ Committee, there are a number of Sub-Committees which exist to provide extra focus and scrutiny on critical areas of the club’s operation.  
We have a Disciplinary Sub-Committee, a Finance Sub-Committee, and a Gala Sub-Committee.  In addition to their duties as ‘main’ Committee members, some individuals may be asked to assume a role on one of these Sub-Committees.  These sub-committees are the ideal to run the club and you don’t have to sit on the main committee to help out on a sub-committee.
We attach in this email a copy of the nomination form.  If you feel able to seek selection, please place your name in the ‘Nominee’ column next to the role(s) that you have an interest in filling.  You will see in the ‘Supported By’ column that some roles (the Officer roles) will require you to seek the support of two members of the club.  All other roles require that you seek only one supporter. 
The deadline for expression of interest is 8th October. Many of you may feel that you can not commit to the formal requirements of Committee membership, and of course we understand that. 
There are additional ways that you might consider assisting the Club Committee without being a formal Committee member.  For example we would be keen to speak to individuals with expertise in IT and communications to ensure we improve the way these two areas are operated.  There are other skills that you might have which you feel may be of benefit to the way the club is run, and if you feel you might be able to spare some time to share these skills with us, we would be delighted to hear from you.   
We still have a number of Committee members who will seek reselection, and those that are departing are fully committed to playing a key role in the transition process – so any new Committee members will not be thrown in at the deep end.   
As you will know, this has been a time of change for the club, and as a Committee, whilst we may not always have gotten everything right, we do believe that the club is in good hands and with the prospect of new perspectives and insights on the Committee, we know that we will continue to go from strength to strength.     
We thank you for your support, and look forward to hearing from you to clarify any questions that you may have.  


Best regards
LCSC Executive Committee.                   

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