More great swimming at Ulster SC Championships Days 2 &3

Following on from our success yesterday, Lisburn continued their high standard of swimming. Multiple PBs through the heats and more Club records broken through the day in both heats and finals, some over 20 years old!

Even more final places for our Lisburn swimmers and more bling to add to the collection. In addition many of our swimmers being awarded the “Junior Champion” title in Multiple Meets.

Our swimmers over the last 3 days were:

Sam A, Ellie B, Emily C, Andrea C, Paul C, Patrick F, Bryin F, Zoe F, Toni J, Rihanna L, Caleb McG, James M, Alex M, Sasha McK, Ava McN, Daniel M, COnor M, Moya OK, Noah P, Sasha Q, Ryan R, Dylan R, Holly R, Jesskia R, Lauren S, Daniel W, Nathan W.

Our girls 4 x 50m relay team took the silver position and Daniel W was awarded the recorders trophy for the record broken at the championship by the biggest percentage.

These swimmers are a credit to the club, our coaches and their families.

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