Executive Committee

The elected members of our Executive Committee are provided below. To contact a member of our committee, please contact the Secretary:

President Jack Beattie
(Betty Beattie)
Club Officer: Chairperson David McNarry
Club Officer: Secretary Helen Bickerstaffe
Club Officer: Treasurer Gary Murphy
Vice-Chairperson Simon Shawe
Club Children’s Officers Nicola Jamison
Executive member
Chair of Complaints & Disciplinary Committee
Sharon Cox
Executive member: LTS Manager ,
Gala Secretary
Emma McGlashan
Executive member , Membership Secretary Nicky-Ann Stanley
Executive member Ivor Monaghan
Executive member Kelly Sheppard
Executive member, Honorary Treasurer Jerome Jacquemin
Executive member,
Web Administrator
Ian Robson
Honorary Treasurer Fionnuala Murphy
Head Coach Stan Sheppard
LTS Lead Teacher Maria O’Kane

Nicola Jamison                        

To contact our CCO please use the Contact Form link or select the link from the Contact Us menu