Hope you have all had a lovely xmas, attached is the aquasprint squad list, as you can see we are lacking in 2008 boys and girls can you please ask if anyone would like to be part of it could they contact me directly on Our first aquaprints is next sunday against bangor the gala will start at 6pm sharp can I ask all swimmers to be on poolside at 5.40pm. I will be sending out a teamsheet to relevant coaches to inform about relays and whos swimming what on the night. The squad list will change depending on venue and swimmers times, I would like the apologise about the names which I have more than likely gotten wrong. can we ask all children to bring a spare towel and a drink or some snacks to the aquasprints.

Finally could we say to all the development squads that training for aquasprints to whom all is included will happen this Friday 6th Jan between 5pm to 6pm to work on starts/relays and finishes.

We also need parent volunteers as you may know this is my first time doing this so any help would be lovely starters, finish judges and timekeepers.
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