Be wary of hoax calls/contact

Swim Ireland were informed over the weekend by a club reporting a concerning incident.

A young club member was rung on their mobile phone and the caller, who said they were from one of our regions, was calling to say the young person had been ‘chosen’ to represent their club in a gala, together with a (named) friend. The caller arranged to meet the young person at a specific time, date and place. The information the caller had included the young person’s name, phone number, club and the name of one of the young person’s friends. This was a hoax call.

Attached is a brief guide to some settings – these should help point young people and their parents/guardians in the right direction.

Parental checklist for Social Media

If you have any queries please contact:

Kate Hills, MSc.
National Children’s Officer
Mobile: +353 86 8560672

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