After reviewing the competition programme with the club’s coaches in the past few days & the needs of the swimmers from January – March 2012, we have decided not to send a Lisburn squad to the 3rd Development Meet in Ballymena (15th January).

The reason for this is that all swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in the Club Champs across a wide range of events during that week on 10th & 12th January. Swimmers will also be representing their schools the Saturday before (7th January) and many representing the club in the PTL at home against Mid Ulster on 28th January.

Most of those who have participated in the first two Development Galas will have the chance to race at the Bangor Junior Meet (19th February), followed by the 4th Development Gala on 10th March.

In this early stage of the childrens’ development, we do not want our swimmers over-competing and under-training, sending them to too many meets on Swim Ulster’s fixture list. By planning appropriately, swimmers and parents will get the opportunity to attend necessary competitions but also the chance to recharge the batteries on other weekends.

Swimmers who will be competing in the Burns Qualifying Meet in Bangor (22nd January) will only be competing on Sunday, again using this weekend to practice race pace work in training on the Friday / Saturday and carrying this into the meet on Sunday.

Richard Gheel (Head Coach)

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