Irish Age Group Division 2 Championship Limerick 2014

Well done to all the swimmers who travelled to Limerick recently for this competition.

Robyn Beattie, Sophie Bryson, Alice Cross, Harry Cross, Cameron Forrest, Dylan Griffiths, Ben Harding, Amy Jennings, Oliver Kidd, Rachael Ledbury, Caleb Maguire, Caoli Maginess, Ryan McCracken and Grace McNamara.

irish div2 results

Lisburn swimmers managed an amazing 45 PBs in all. 6 achieved medals with 4 swimmers qualifying for the I.A.G. Division 1 Championships. 3 received “speeding certificates” for swimmers who have exceeded the I.A.G. Championship standards by 2%. (the only time a speeding certificate is a good thing!)

iag div2

The club swimmers also got to meet 2012 Olympic finalist Melanie Nocher, who signed T-Shirts and posed for photographs. Melanie commentated throughout the whole meet, making sure the spectators were cheering on their clubs.

Thanks to the coaches from all the swimmers and parents for all their hard work and support at Limerick

coahces div2

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