LCSC Fundraising for Free!

Clear out the Clutter and recycle and help your Club fundraise for free.  Last chance this season is before Wednesday 8th May.

Once again our Club’s fundraising supremo, Many McKeown, will be collecting bags of unwanted clothes, shoes, curtains, bed linen etc which can be turned into cash for the Club, benefitting all our swimmers

Earlier in the season we collected 87 bags and raised over £300 for the Club.

Please can you help us better this amount.  Just think how much we could raise if every child could fill at least one bag (and how much less clutter we’d all have at home!).

Mandy has arranged for our recycling efforts to be collected and weighed on Wednesday 8th May so bags need to be passed over before this date.  Please don’t worry about storage, just bag any unwanted materials and bring them to Mandy who will be at the pool most evenings at the tables in the Gallery.

Thanks once again to Mandy and to all those who continue to support the Club’s fundraising.  Let’s get recycling!

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