Swim Manager

Lisburn City Swimming Club is moving to a fully integrated management system.  This will allow online member registration, swim time management, online gala entries and collection of gala fees, registration etc.  It is made by the same people who created Meet Mobile.

Utilisation of this system will reduce the amount of work for our volunteers within the club, and allow both you and us to keep track of your swimmer’s times throughout the season.  There is a link to a YouTube video on the Parent Portal at the end of this note to give you an overview of the system.

The first step of this process is to have all of our members registered on the system. 

Please complete the registration process in the link below:

This will generate your parent portal, and also give you access to the online meet entry.

LCSC Online Registration Process

Please note that if you do not register through the system, your swimmer will not be entered for any galas.  If you have more than one swimmer in DEV 3 or above, please add additional swimmer as part of the registration process.   We will be running the new system in parallel with the current system for a short time to ensure it is all working as expected.

There may be some issues with incorrect entry times, this will be a result of technical issues and differences between version of the software currently in use and the new version.  If you notice any of this please email your child’s coach and they will make the necessary adjustments.