Swimmers Corner

Here you’ll find hints and tips for swimmers. This includes training, nutrition, psychology and important rules & regulations.

Training Tips

Core Stabilization Programme
Kick Your Way to the Top
Tempo Trainer Chart
50 Ways to Become a Champion
What is a Champion 
Stretching Review of Current Research Guidelines Oct10
Prepool Dynamic Warm Up
Foam Roller Programme


Improve Sleep and Increase Morning Energy Levels
Preventing Illness
Plan for Good Nutrition
How do you use nutrition to improve your performance


5 Characteristics of Successful People
Race Objectives Record Sheet
Dealing with performance anxiety

Keeping Healthy

 Please see below to a link regarding colds and flus, how to avoid them, and what to do if you are unfortunate to get sick during the winter. http://www.chhp.com/369/top-tips-avoid-catching-cold

Rules & Regulations

Anti doping info

ASP Prohibited List 2019 Factsheet